It’s nice to have somebody interested in my MH and actually wanting to help me. But what if im beyond help? Am i just a time bomb waiting to end it all? 


Lets take a look at who’s back on them happy pills…. oh yeah me 😑🖕

3 hours, £10 later from leaving work and we are finally home. Oh cant forget a measley fucking 30 minutes with my kids! how hard it is to be a single mum of 2 and on your arse with zero help from both fathers. 

He’s all i have ever known for the last 3 years. He protected me when i needed it. Pulled me back up when i was down. Walked through my troubles with me. All i ever did was love him, & this is how im repaid. All i do is think of him still, worry about him rather than myself for a change. 

Who asks me how i’m doing, how i’m feeling? Nobody. Yet i’m still trying to put him first when he’s done this to me!