I cant do with the negativity. 

I don’t need it. If nobody can be happy for MY success that i fight so hard for instead of sitting on my backside expecting it on my lap, then they dont deserve to be called a ‘friend’. 


I live for these 2 little humans. 

They drive me round the bend, make me want to rip my hair out, but i wouldn’t change either of them for the world! They give me a purpose in life. They rely on me to lead them on their path in life.

Growing up before my eyes and i won’t miss another moment 😍

Silver lining

As the title says, silver lining and all that jazz. 

Although i feel groggy at the moment due to lack of sleep i feel pretty happy. I’ve had a talk and got things off my chest and just feel uplifted. Im glad im out of my depression pit and looking onwards. Didn’t want to offend anybody’s eyes so done a subtle look for today and i actually feel a 10/10! Jokes but actually decent for a change. Can’t wait to have a play with my make-ups later.😁